greatdividing - 2011 annual report

No greatdividing releases in 2011 
Although there were many highlights...
3 toed sloth dbl 7" on Unwucht  
+ Jukebox single on Negative Guest List records.
Against all odds 3 toed sloth played for the first time in 17 yrs
Sydney x 2 + Brisbane and...San francisco(!)
We got to play with our friends feedtime twice 
and Exiles from Clowntown played a couple of times too!!

3 toed sloth
SS10 Day three Hemlock Tavern San Francisco Photo-Mark Murrmann
scott soriano wrote: 3 Toed Sloth were a great treat. I really didnt know what to expect, even though I've heard them on record. Shambling one part punk rock in the vein of Wire, Flipper, Fall, without sounding like any of them...

3 toed sloth @clovelly bowlo Photo-Brendan Boucher
Video by-Paul Fallon
Exiles from Clowntown @ clovelly Photo-Kris Morriss
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greatdividing 2012 kicks off with Exiles from Clowntown playing
at 'What isn't Music'  Cockatoo Island 28th Jan. 
 Planning to have some new greatdividing releases out this year.