3 toed sloth

a brief history of 3 toed sloth 

Sharon & andrew were friends from queensland who had moved to sydney at different times in the 80's. Around 1987 they started going to rehearsal rooms mucking around drinking beer & playing music together. After a while they wondered how their racket would sound with a drummer ... one night in early '89 they rang tom a favourite drummer who's previous band had broken up a few months earlier & asked if he would come along & have a play with them, he said yes & they all went to along to a rehearsal room a few weeks later. They had fun & the racket now sounded better.  After that they kept going along every few weeks making their racket & drinking beer until somehow 3 toed sloth was ... born. The band then played about 20 shows over the next 3 years & self released an lp in 1991. Nobody much cared & it was mutual. Sometime in '93 they stopped playing mainly because of busy lives & their work commitments.

The story behind the last 100 lp's

These are original pressing of the record . There were 500 pressed , but there were only ever 400 covers done . They were all printed in one night but we ran outta puff sometime around midnight & just never got around to doing those last 100 covers ... completely forgot about them in fact . Until this box of 100 lp's were found under a friends house a couple of years ago .
After asking around to see if there was any interest we decided to get 100 new covers screen printed as per the original . So it's an 18yr old record in new cover , which i guess makes this a kind of limited edition of some sort . If anyone cares about that kind of thing ...