exiles from clowntown 7" #2

second 7" by 'exiles from clowntown' two tracks both recorded live & spontaneous in one take using four microphones, one chord & half an idea. ok enough numbers. no counting was used in the making of this record.

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Exiles From Clowntown "#2" 7"
Second (duh) single from this post-Three Toed Sloth outfit who have been hanging around but largely unheard for a longish spell, keeping the torch aloft for those who love the thuggish times when Aberrant and Red/Black Eye ruled the land and feedtime were still together. "Around The Corner" is chiseled out of limestone with a big bottomed bass/drum throb with some minimal guitar wheezing blowing the dust off. I think I hear some vocals being shouted from the next territory over. "Whistling Assassin" is murky and shady in a mid-Eighties post-punk style but not in a trite Cave-ian goth way, but in a sturdily driven and and strongly and slowly paced style reminiscent of feedtime or a Venom P. instrumental or hornless Fungus Brains. Tribally hypnotic drum/bass with the guitar reverb shimmering like a desert mirage throughout. If you listen very closely you can actually hear the assassin. A superb little record that could only have come from Australia. I assume some people will listen to this and expect to have their hair blown back, buut it's not about the bombast. For me, it's about the tradition and simplicity of style this thing upholds and brings into the new century. It gives me hope that there are still true believers carrying the torch out there. Scum stats: 200 copies only, with sleeves that prove you can do a lot with a hole punch and some rubber stamps when you put your mind to it. The aesthetic further enforces the no-nonsense primitivity of the tunes as well. Exceptional.(RK)